Pati and BeeBee

Since our first-ever blog chronicled our first trip to India, we adopted the convention of blogging as Pati (Hindi for husband) and BeeBee (Hindi for wife). As we blogged three trips that included India, Pati and BeeBee developed their own personalities. Now they travel with us and flavor our stories as only they can. You can get to know them here:

iBall on India

iBall Round the World: Gods, Temples and Hamster Balls

iBall on India 2014

Pati and BeeBee’s 2016 travels in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam) can be found in the current blog in February 2016 (described as days 0 through 30) and March 2016 (described as days 31 through 33).  Their 2017 travels in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia) can be found in various posts beginning in February 2017.