The New Normal

We had planned to be in Europe for the month of April. Thanks to Covid-19, that didn’t happen. What did happen is that we became even more familiar with a collection of household products that are now part of our “new normal” daily life. The following photo showcases many of them.

2 thoughts on “The New Normal”

  1. I am totally envious of your COVID 19 survival kit. The Lysol wipes and disposable latex gloves are no longer available to the public and Clorox Wipes has been taken from the shelves.

    It is interesting to note that one hospital emergency room that offered free hand sanitizers a few months ago stopped doing that. Apparently the winos were taking the stuff home and drinking it for the alcohol content.

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    1. Of the pictured items, the only one that was available to buy for several months is toilet paper. Because covid-19 hit New York before our area, we had a brief warning period to buy a few supplies before everything disappeared. We do woodworking as a hobby, so we already had a few N95 masks and latex gloves. We had just enough elastic to make four cotton face masks (not pictured). Generic hand sanitizer is becoming available again but buying Lysol is only a dream.


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