Day 24 extra: the unofficial night market, or shopping in the hotel room


Patti and BeeBee have encountered an unusual price  list in many of their hotel rooms on this trip. It generally states that if you want to buy anything from the room, then you will be charged the amount given on the list.


The item commonly listed is the laundry bag, typically costing around $7 USD. (Sometimes only the laundry bag is mentioned.) Some lists include everything that is not fastened down. The oddest item that Pati and BeeBee saw  listed was the door lock (over $100 USD). While some items seem desirable enough and easy to pack (e.g., towels), others seem impossibly hard to pack even when the price is quite reasonable (e.g., a lamp for $17 USD at one hotel). (No, the lamp pictured did not leave the room in their suitcase.)

The price list is always given in US dollars; sometimes it is also given in the local currency. Pati asked one of their guides why this list exists. He was told that tourists from a certain country (unnamed here, but not the US) tend to pack up everything and take it home with them. BeeBee supposes that providing this list, which offers everything for sale with prices, makes it easier for the hotels to recover the costs of stolen goods without troublesome police involvement.

Your hotel room is the new Night Market.