Day 30: Phu Quoc Island – At leisure

Another day to sleep in until a lazy 6 am. Today is the day for the beach walk that Pati and BeeBee missed yesterday. And the beautiful hotel pool should not go to waste, either.

After a light breakfast (which included the worst coffee ever in a country that prides itself on its coffee beans), they set off walking down the road to the beach. There is so much building going on that it appears that every square inch is paved.

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot…(Joni Mitchell)

At the beach, they decided to walk to the left until reaching a rock jetty, and then retrace their steps and walk to to the right for a while. The rocks in the jetty are worm smooth in interesting shapes. They didn’t get very far to the right before the humidity convinced them to go back to air conditioning. The view from the beach is nice, and the sand is an attractive light brown, mostly (but not completely) clean. The beach is bordered almost entirely by a hodge podge of hotels, restaurants, and lounge chairs. It isn’t at all clear how to get to them except through the sand. There weren’t very many people about this morning, but (from the signboards) the beach seems to be more of an evening drinking place.

Back at the hotel, they bought cool drinks from the little shop across the street and took a long nap. It’s official: they have colds. Bleh! Blame the snorkeling gear.

Then back out to the hotel pool for swimming (Pati) and blogging (BeeBee).

Around 2:30, they decided they should have lunch and headed to Winston’s for Western food. They were able to catch a taxi there, but not back (“only 1 km,” said the taxi driver). They had hamburgers (Australian beef) and key lime pie for dessert. The owner stopped by their table and said he had searched for the most authentic key lime pie recipe to make with Vietnamese ingredients. It was as good as any they have had at home.

Back to the hotel for swimming, reading, and another trip to the little shop for cold drinks. Bedtime is early tonight.


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    1. We would not recommend it strongly, partly because it came after a long trip and partly because we got sick here. The ambiance is being ruined by more and more tourist construction. But there are lots of couples and kids here. Personally, I won’t come back. Your experience could be very different.


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