Day 33: Dubai – Dulles – Home

Today began in flight. The first flight, from Bangkok to Dubai, was seven hours long and arrived in Dubai at 1 am local time. After changing planes in Dubai, Pati and BeeBee continued their journey home on a 14 hour flight from Dubai to Dulles International Airport, arriving at 8 am local time. They were met at the airport and whisked home.

BeeBee believes that she watched five movies, listened to five very long chapters of a book (which she may finish later), and listened to mood music supposed to promote sleep. The mood music is actually effective, but sitting upright and being bumped by passing passengers and crew is not condusive to sleep. Pati spend awake time with movies and sleep time with music.

There were also five meals of sorts on the two flights. The first meal on the second flight was the same as the last meal on the first flight (entree of bland chicken and fried potatoes). Two identical snack pizzas were served mid-flight (one each flight).  The breakfast entree was a plain omlet with the same fried potatoes as the dinner meals. BeeBee discovered, when she went in search of water sometime after pizza but before breakfast, that the crew had set up snacks (soft drinks, granola bars, orange juice, fruit). It was hard to stay hydrated and hard get any exercise.

On each flight, there was an announcement that their version of TSA had a new rule that groups of people could not congregate, say, near the bathroom. On the second flight, there were five bathrooms very near them with standing space. Somehow BeeBee could not imagine a large crowd there picketing the bathrooms!

Today is the last day of this trip. There are many pictures  to be added later. There  were serious problems using WordPress in Vietnam. Frequently, the site was blocked. Sometimes it was possible to add text but not pictures. It was almost impossible to visit anyone else’s blog. Now that they are home, BeeBee hopes to spend more time visiting the blogs of those bloggers who were kind enough to follow this trip.


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  1. Rubber chicken, Pizza and Bland Omelet… Cuisine of World Travelers at 40,000 feet and 400 mph.


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