2 thoughts on “iBallRTW – Farmers”

  1. Southeast Asia is such a rich experience that it is hard to choose specific highlights. Every place is different and offers unique experiences.

    We have been there three times in the last few years. The last two times we stayed a month (Februaries to get away from the awful US weather) and visited several countries. We always land in Bangkok but I find the city a little too congested. We usually fly directly to laid-back Chiang Mai after we arrive and spend a couple days adjusting to the 12 hour time change. Thailand is “easy” southeast Asia.

    Vietnam is energetic SE Asia. We have traveled from Hanoi in the north to Saigon in the south having wonderful experiences at each stop. We particularly love the atmosphere in Hanoi.

    A wonderful side trip that should not be missed is Hoi An. We generally don’t like shopping when we travel but we love it here. You can get custom suits, dresses, shirts, shoes, you name it in as little as 24 hours at quite reasonable prices. Plus, the town is extremely charming.

    Laos is long suffering but laid back. Myanmar is extremely religious and Bagan is a gem. Cambodia has Angkor Wat and beautiful beaches.

    We have already begun to think about another trip there. One travel tip I can offer is to use AsiaTourAdvisor as a travel agent. We planned our first trip ourselves and it went well. However, we used them for the last two trips and they solved the few problems that occurred quickly and efficiently (and sometimes without us knowing there had been a problem).


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