Day 9: Luang Prabang – City Tour – Kuangsii Fall

When Pati and BeeBee went down to get breakfast this morning, they could see their breath on the air. It was freezing outside! They are very happy to have warm jackets to wear.


Today, they visited the National museum, the impressive stupa of Wat Visoun, and Wat Mai.


The guide explained story paintings found on these buildings in an understandable and interesting way.


In the afternoon, they drove 30 km out of the town to see the beautiful Kuang Sii Fall. First they had lunch, choosing grilled chicken and vegetables. Also, they each drank coconut milk from a coconut and tried vigorously to scrape out some of the coconut meat to eat. Their guide told them that coconut meat scrapes out easily in younger coconuts.


They walked up a wooded path beside pools of clear water until they reached the falls. The water was too cold for swimming, but they waded into one of the more shallow pools for a few minutes.

On the return trip to town, they made a short stop at Black Hmong Village, where hill tribe hand-made handicrafts were offered for sale.

Back in town, they had an hour free to visit a cofee shop for coffee, coconut ice cream, and coconut cake. And to use the free wifi.

At around 4 pm, they were taken to the airport for a short flight to Vientaine. They said goodbuy to their guide and driver, who had taken good care of them in Luang Prabang. (Thank you, Mr. Phew.)

At Vientaine, they were met by their new guide and driver and taken to their new hotel. They walked through a small part of the night market at the end of their street, and then had a quick dinner at a restaurant (Beerlao Gold) between the night market and their hotel. (Actually, the name of the restaurant was Papao Restaurant & Bar, but “Beerlao Gold” was in much larger letters.) They had drunken noodles with chicken and seafood. It was apparently karaoke night at the restaurant. A large group of South Koreans sat at a long table in front of the screen; one of the ladies was quite good at following the prompts.