Winter Storm Jonas



Winter Storm Jonas arrived on schedule on Friday afternoon, with tiny snowflakes that continued through Saturday afternoon. The flakes gradually transitioned from vertical to horizontal. When the snow stopped, also on schedule, these tiny flakes had accumulated into a smooth surface about 18 inches higher than the previously-bare ground.

The tiny snowflakes also created tiny hats on our birdhouses, a beauty with no regrets since the houses had no occupants needing shelter from the wind. The bird feeder was also covered with a larger snow hat that would have covered and spoiled any seed that could survive the wind, but, again, no bird was depending on it. As the flakes abated and the sun was visible again, the bird feeder began to shed its snow coat as if in defiance of any future storm. It will be ready for Spring whenever Spring decides to appear.

And then a tiny miracle occurred on Monday. As we looked out the kitchen window, a tiny bird flew to our tiniest birdhouse. He {She?} entered by the tiny door, then flew out again. The mate waited on a nearby branch. We could see tiny sticks inside the birdhouse, which we had cleaned in the Fall. The tiny couple disappeared before we could grab a camera. Maybe they are the pair who have raised a family in the house for the past two years. Or maybe they are the children or grandchildren. I hope so.

I am optimistic.