Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 24 – “Hats”


Here we see a  passenger in a hand-rowed sampan drifting under the shade of coconut trees on one of the Mekong River’s natural canals, near My Tho, Vietnam.

Sampan boat on the Mekong River

The hat in the picture is a well-used nón lá, or palm-leaf conical hat, which is a traditional symbol of Vietnamese of any age and gender. A faded but colorful silk strap looped under the chin keeps this hat from falling off into the canal.  A nón lá is light, sturdy, and easy to wear (except in wind), and provides good shade. It also makes a great souvenir of a visit to Vietnam.






One thought on “Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 24 – “Hats””

  1. What a lovely photo. It looks very mysterious to me as I’d love to know what is beyond that bend. Must have been very peaceful on the river that day.
    Thank you for participating in my photo challenge this week.


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