Two tales of one city

We wanted to go to Sa Pa, Vietnam, for the breathtaking scenery. We took the overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai, where we were picked up for a two hour drive to Sa Pa, a mile high city. As we drove, we began to notice that it was getting cooler and a little foggy. By the time we reached our hotel, it was 34 degrees Fahrenheit and damp. This was the sweeping panorama from our hotel.

We emailed our travel guide in Hanoi in a panic (our US phones don’t work in Vietnam) and she made quick arrangements to modify our planned village trek and overnight homestay with a tribal family, to make sure we could see something and would have warm blankets (thank you, Ms Huyen and Asia Tour Advisor). The weather improved and we were eventually rewarded with scenes like the one in the following photo.

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  1. I recently watched an old ‘Top Gear’ with the trio riding scooters for a change like loonies (as only they can) around the stunning Vietnam countryside. It is amazing to see what that country has to offer and a pity its history is marred by such a tragic event with the loss of so many. It is a place I would love to take the mini (never going to happen) or just visit, but my wife is totally against the idea.

    Thanks for sharing!! (if you are not sure who or what ‘Top Gear’ is!!)

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