Lost on Firecracker Street – Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – May 12, 2017

This is our entry in Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – May 12, 2017.

In 2014, we spent five weeks in India, arranging our tour around the Pushkar Camel Fair. We began in Delhi, and the city was gearing up for Diwali. On the day we went into Old Delhi to visit the 17th Century mosque Jama Masjid, our guide also walked us in the nearby streets, where local shopping was in full swing. In Old Delhi, shopping is organized by street. If you want to buy cotton textiles, shoes, or spices, then you visit the street that sells those items.  We looked around politely, without buying anything, since we still had many weeks to travel and didn’t need more to carry with us. We walked through a few streets until we came to the Firecracker Street. We certainly didn’t want to buy firecrackers! Suddenly our guide started shopping, explaining that he needed to buy firecrackers for his young son for Diwali. And just as suddenly we were finished with our shopping tour.

It was impossible to stand still in the flow of the crowd. The picture below was taken “on the move,” as we navigated through the busy streets. The young man on the right side of the picture (in the square of sunlight) is explaining to the other young man which way to go in this confusing shopping district. Other people also seem interested in this information. (Note the “No Smoking” signs everywhere.)

Firecracker Street in Old Delhi

This photo was taken on October 23, 2014. Specs are:

Olympus TG-3, ISO 100, f/2.8, 1/400 sec, 4.5 mm


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