Full Moon

There was a full moon last evening. We wanted to experiment with exposure settings to learn what we needed to see the moon’s detail. Using a Canon 100D with a 250-mm lens at ISO 100, f/8.0, and 1/100 second we got the following result. The image was converted to black-and-white and post-processed in Silver Efx Pro.

iBallRTW - Full Moon

2 thoughts on “Full Moon”

  1. Nice full moon shot!
    Was it on tripod? I think you should use higher shutters speeds that 1/100 since your focal length is at 250mm.. I would go for shutter speed of 1/500 at least.


    1. Thank you.

      The shot was made using a tripod. The lens I used is at its sharpest around f/8 and I wanted to use ISO 100. I just used live view at 10x magnification to adjust the time to find the contrast I wanted.

      I will give 1/500 a try on the next full moon.


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