Natty Greene before the brewery

A few years ago we visited Greensboro, North Carolina, and enjoyed lunch in Natty Greene’s, a downtown brewpub with an on-site seven barrel brewery. After this visit, we began to notice Natty Green’s bottled beers in grocery stores. Not being from the South, we did not immediately make the connection from Natty Greene’s to Nathanael Greene, after whom Greensboro is named.

This past weekend, we visited the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park which preserves the site of the March 15, 1781, battle between the American forces in the South, led by Major General Nathanael Greene, and the British troops led by Lt. General Charles, Earl Cornwallis.  This battle was the largest of the Revolutionary War’s Southern Campaign.  Although his forces won that battle, General Cornwallis stated

“I never saw such fighting since God made me. The Americans fought like demons.”

An imposing statue of General Nathanael Greene stands in a large open area of the park. Here are some photos of this beautifully-crafted statue.

In front of the statue of General Greene stands a statue of Athena, goddess of wisdom, war, strategy, industry, justice and skill.

These photos were taken on August 27, 2017 with an Olympus TG-4 camera. Specs are available by clicking on each photo.

For much more about this battle and the park, visit the website at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park North Carolina..