Korean Bell at Meadowlark Gardens

We sometimes feel that the place we live in the US — while nice — is a little packaged and homogeneous after returning from visits to old and (to us) exotic places. However, we sometimes find places that are unique and interesting. The Korean Bell Garden  at Meadowlark Gardens Park in Vienna, Virginia  is one of those places.

We visited the park yesterday to pass some time practicing photography.  The bell itself is quite beautiful but difficult to photograph. We were there a year ago to take photographs but the high contrast between the shaded bell and bright sky produced disappointing results. This time we took bracketed exposures (+/- 1 EV) around the technically “correct exposure” and used the HDR Merge feature of Adobe Lightroom to see if we could improve on our previous effort. The following are our results.

Last year’s post on Meadowlark Gardens is at A Day at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens.

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