Our Lady of Health

At the end of our last visit to South India, we spent a week in South Goa. It is an amazing and especially clean part of India. There really isn’t much culture there, but it makes up for that by incredible beauty and, in the case of the place we stayed – The Hotel Zuri, on Varca Beach, amazing luxury. Our hotel had several restaurants with international cuisine. Since not all of the sense of adventure had been beaten out of us in the prior weeks, we ate most of our meals in basic seafood places, called beach shacks, that have been built directly on the beach.

The photo below shows one of the fishing boats on the beach, flying an Our Lady of Health flag, and a beach shack behind it. We originally thought the boats might have been placed on the beach for ambience, but we saw them fishing and pulling in their nets during one of our morning beach walks.

There were half a dozen beach shacks where the path from the Hotel Zuri reached the ocean. We picked the Evisha Beach Shack as the place where we regulary dined. The food was very good and we didn’t get sick, so we kept coming back rather than risk fate. They must have gotten their seafood from Our Lady of Health.