Oops – whooo am I?

Barred owl

Well, how embarrassing. The 6″ Fire HD has a very small screen. I didn’t notice that I had spelled my screen name incorrectly, and thus I created a blog with the “wrong” name. The sole purpose of this blog post is to redirect any reader to the correct blog: iballrtw.wordpress.com

BTW, this picture was added with an iPad. I still don’t know how to add a picture with the Fire.

Thank you, and now we return to our regularly scheduled programming…


The First Post

This is our first WordPress post. We have blogged before, but not with WordPress. We blog to document travels, so that family and friends can follow our adventures. The first three blogs covered a trip to India, a trip around the world, and another trip to India (our third visit there). The next blog will cover our next visit to Southeast Asia in February (next month!). This class should get us prepared for this new blog.

Usually, we describe factually what we have observed, but try to personalize each entry with some observations about individuals we have observed, the human element. We see that people are people no matter where in the world they live. We try to post each day. Sometimes something special happens that deserves its own post. Sometimes it is just important to talk about some topic.

We are also very interested in photography and try to add at least one picture to each post. These pictures also help us remember what happened to us each day.

This time we will be blogging using only an amazon Fire HD. Previously we have used a combination of iPad and android tablet, since neither one could adequately handle both text and pictures. We hope to learn how to blog with only the Fire.

So far we don’t know how to add pictures to the Fire blog, but hopefully we will learn that before we leave.