The Balancing Act

With so many astonishing things in India (at least from an American viewpoint), it is still strange to see how people carry their groceries. After visiting the Flower Market in Bangalore, we passed through a very crowded street market while walking back to our car.

We could barely walk without tripping over produce, dogs, cables, sellers, or ourselves, but dozens of shoppers casually strolled with the day’s groceries aloft.



The Flower Seller

One of the byproducts of religion in India is the use of beautiful flowers. Our favorite stop in our first day in Bangalore was at the Flower Market. There is a sense of real life there that seems missing in places oriented towards tourists. It is beautiful, squalid, chaotic, and organized all at the same time. The people are there to live their lives and they are fascinating.

The typical photo of the market is this one, taken from a second floor balcony. It is beautiful but every tourist takes it.

We prefer this one showing an individual seller in an instant of time going about her life.