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We used Trinetra Tours for our trip to South India (this is the second time we have used them and they are excellent). The welcome letter from the managing director, Tapas Banerjee, included the following:

“I must say that you might find a lot of poverty and deprivation around you. Please do not analyze it at that very point in time. All this, what we think of as sufferings, should help us to see our own lives in a different perspective. Perhaps to realize how lucky we are with material endowments and in spite of this we seek more and more. Also, another way of looking at this issue would be to see these people in their rags so happy and hospitable. Are we the same, in spite of all our material acquisitions?”

We took this photo from the window of a private air-conditioned van on the way to visit the ruins at Hampi.  The women are drawing water from a tank and washing clothes as a cow strolls by.  Scenes like this were common in our travels and made the advice in the welcome letter resonate.