(Ready Aim) FIRE!

This is our entry in The Daily Post Daily Prompt: Detonate.

Fort Macon State Park at Beaufort Inlet at the eastern end of Bogue Banks in North Carolina is a popular destination for vacationers. Garrisoned during the Civil War (by both sides in turn), the Spanish–American War, and World War II, it has a long (albeit non-continuous) military history. In addition to guided tours of the casemates restored to their original functions, tourists can view reinactments of the “Evening Gun” (loading and firing of a 19th Century cannon) and the loading and firing of a 19th Century musket of the type used by both North and South during the Civil War. The photo shows a demonstration of musket firing at the moment of detonation. (The ammunition used is a two-ply toilet paper Minié ball.)

(Ready Aim) FIRE!

This photo was taken on May 29, 2017.  Specs are:

Canon 100D, ISO 100, f/5, 1/640 sec, 33 mm