The Kodak Duaflex II — Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Any kind of camera or photographer

This is our entry in Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Any kind of camera or photographer.

When the photography department in our local college was moved to a new building, the staff naturally did some housecleaning first, getting rid of extraneous and/or outdated books, equipment, and supplies. The really good stuff was left in a hallway, where students and staff could take whatever caught their interest. Among other items, we picked up a Kodak Duaflex II camera.  Dating from the early 1950s, it has a mirror reflector viewfinder, three aperture selections (f/8, f/11, and f/16), and two shutter speeds (I and L).   While the camera appears to be in very good condition, we have not been able to test it: it uses 620 roll film, which is actually 120 film respooled onto a smaller 620 spool. We have neither 120 film nor a 620 spool. What we have done is use it as a subject for a photography project about low key minimalism.

This photo was taken on November 25, 2017, using a small LED flashlight for illumination in a dark room. Specs are:

Canon SL1, ISO 100, f/11, 30.0 sec, 50 mm.