Day 15: Halong Bay Cruise

This day officially began at 6:15 am with a half hour of Tai Chi instructions on the sundeck. Pati and BeeBee did not officially participate, but the class was held on the deck directly above their cabin, so maybe that counts as participation.

Breakfast was served in the dining room at 7 am, and diners could choose chicken or beef pho, eggs (scrambled or omlet), bacon, toast and jelly, pastries, fruit, coffee and tea. Everything was delicious. Pati and BeeBee were paired with a young couple from New Zealand for breakfast, since the German-Scottish couple were now gone.

At about 7:45, the Finnish contingent and all but 7 of the other passengers took the tender to visit a cave. Just before that group returned, the remaining 7 passengers (including Pati and BeeBee) transferred to another, older ship for their day’s activities.  A Vietnamese lunch was served on board.

After lunch, they transferred to a tender for a short trip to land. As soon as everyone was on the tender, their guide (to everyone’s surprise) collected a dining chair from the ship and placed it on the front deck of the tender. When the tender pulled up to the rocks on land, the guide set the chair on the rocks and used it to climb down to land. He then helped all the passengers to descend in the same way: two steps down for a total of more than 3 feet. They then visited a natural cave with three chambers, which the guide said was a small cave, but seemed large (until they visited another cave). The guide visits this cave almost every day and is quite fond of it. He knows it well and is disturbed when people vandalize it (e.g., someone has broken off and stolen a large chunk of a stalactite) or party in it and use candles that leave a smokey residue on the walls and ceiling. After they finished viewing the cave, they climbed back on board using the dining chair again.


After this, the ship moved on a bit, and then anchored for kayaking and swimming.  Pati and BeeBee took a kayak to check out what appeared to be a small temple high on a rock before returning to the tender to shower and dry off in the sun. When all 7 were back on board, the tender returned them to the Glory Legend, which now had a whole new set of passengers, who undoubedly wondered who the 7 were!

This evening proceeded just as the previous evening had.