Fontaine Saint-Michel

The Fontaine Saint-Michel is located in Place Saint-Michel, placed against the back wall. It is the visitor’s first sight upon stepping from the Paris Métro station at the Saint-Michel stop on line 4.

The central figure in the fountain is the Archangel Michael  wrestling with the Devil. Standing on four pillars towering above Michael are statues representing the cardinal virtues: prudence, power, justice, and temperance.

Fontaine Saint-Michel

Below is a close-up of Michael and the Devil.

Archangel Michael wrestling with the Devil

Beneath Michael, the water of the fountain spills into a basin at street level, with a winged dragon on each side.


Below is a photo of young people completing a challenge by posing in the frigid waters of Fontaine Saint-Michel.

Young people enjoying Fontaine Saint-Michel

Once photos were taken by their companions as proof of their act, the shivering group dried off, dressed again in warm clothing, and disappeared from the square. The watching bystanders shook their heads in disbelief but took photos, happy to be protected from the flying spray by their warm coats.


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