A Day at Green Spring Gardens

Green Spring Gardens is a 31-acre Fairfax County free public park in Alexandria, Virginia.  While there is much to see here of historic interest, our visit concentrated on the outdoors: the gazebo, bridges, ponds, stream, paths, plants, and wildlife.

Old Cellar2
Ruined cellar, Green Spring Gardens

We purposely went mid-day on a sunny day, not the best time for photography, in order to experiment with exposure techniques. However, we like the photos shared here.

The first scene we encountered was a large pond featuring a gazebo, reached by crossing a bridge that also led to other paths.

Green Spring Gardens

The gazebo is a good spot to sit and observe the pond, fountain, and wildlife.

Beyond the gazebo is a second fountain.

Wildlife that we saw enjoying this pond were a Canadian goose and many turtles.


The paths are wide and easy to follow. In addition to young couples, dog walkers, and families with strollers, photographers take advantage of the beautiful vistas.

Another larger bridge crosses the stream in the middle of the park.

There is various convenient seating for contemplating the scenery.

There is also evidence of visitors who decided to leave their mark.

Tree carvings

The Spring flowers and flowering shrubs are spectacular.



These flowers live in the Horticultural Center.



For more information about Green Spring Gardens, visit the website at http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/greenspring/.