Tuesday Photo Challenge – the Path

This is our entry in Dutch goes the Photo! Tuesday Photo Challenge – the Path

On 28 October 2014, we were visiting Shimla in northern India. We were staying high in the mountains (8,250 feet above sea level) at Wildflower Hall with views of the Himalayan mountains. We hiked the Wild Strawberry Trail, on the ridge line, a distance of  1.7 kilometers (about a mile) with maximum ascent and descent of 30 degrees.  The gate pictured is the entrance to the trail from the Wildflower Hall property.

Gate from Wildflower Hall to Wild Strawberry Trail

The trail is also used by horse sellers, who join the trail somewhere else.

The estimated walking time is 1 hour, but with multiple stops to take pictures and rest, the trip took a bit longer.  Fans of the BBC series The Jewel in the Crown can imagine that Sarah Layton and her father Colonel Layton were looking at these vistas during their horse ride in the mountains.

The flower  and fruit of the wild Indian strawberry (mock strawberry), for which the trail is named,  are pictured below.




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