Greek Harmony

This is our entry in The Daily Post Daily Prompt: Harmonize.

In October 2016, we visited the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography on Pier 1 of the waterfront, where we viewed the thought-provoking exhibition Another life: Human flows / Unknown Odysseys of more than 160 images by 26 photographers of the tragic influx of desperate refugees to Greece.  (Some of the images can be seen here. )

Leaving the museum, we found a group of singers setting up for a free concert on the pier.  I counted 24 singers, one guitar player, one accordion player, and the conductor. While we did not understand the words they sang, we did enjoy the music and the harmony of their voices.

This photo was taken on October 2, 2016. Specs are:

Olympus TG-4, ISO 100, f/4.9, 1/40 sec, 18 mm