La Fontaine Médicis dans le Jardin du Luxembourg

In this post, we share photos we have taken of La Fontaine Médicis dans le Jardin du Luxembourg (Medici Fountain in Luxembourg Gardens) in Paris, France.

The photo below was taken from the foot of the long basin of water, with the eyes drawn along the line of plane trees, toward the grotto at the end.

Medici Fountain in Luxembourg Gardens

The major sculpture in the grotto is the grouping called Polyphemus Surprising Acis and Galatea, by the sculptor Auguste Ottin. According to mythology, Polyphemus was a Sicilian giant in love with the sea nymph Galatea, who was the beloved of the river god Acis. When Polyphemus crushed Acis with a boulder, the gushing blood of Acis was transformed by the gods into the river Acis at the foot of mount Aetna.

Polyphemus Surprising Acis and Galatea

The following three photos show a close-up of Polyphemus, a detail photo of his head, and a closer look at the lovers Acis and Galatea. Notice the pipes in Acis’ hand: Faunus (Pan) was his father.


Head of Polyphemus
Acis and Galatea

On each side of the top of the fountain is a nymph pouring water from a pitcher.

Nymph pouring water from a pitcher

Directly beneath this nymph is a huntress, standing in a niche and leaning out to peer across to a faun in a niche on the other side (not pictured here).


The long basin of water, the steps leading to the grotto, and the pool at the foot of the grotto are all favorite spots for colorful birds to play.

Duck, Medici Fountain, Luxembourg Gardens
Steps leading to grotto at Medici Fountain

The Medici Fountain in Luxembourg Gardens is one of our favorite places in Paris.



Fountain at Place des Vosges

This post features a series of photos of the fountain at Place des Vosges in Paris, France. Short exposure times were used to freeze motion. The photos were taken on a sunny day in October, 2015.

Hotel Sully 16
Fountain, Place des Vosges

The photo above is an establishing shot of one of the fountains in the Place des Vosges. Camera settings are:

Canon 50D: ISO 400, 1/200 sec, f/8, 50 mm

Hotel Sully17
Fountain, Place des Vosges

This photo shows a closer view of the upper half of the fountain, with a curtain of water spilling over the edge. Camera settings are:

Canon 50D: ISO 400, 1/250 sec, f/8, 135 mm

Hotel Sully23
Lion heads on fountain, Place des Vosges

This close-up shows lion heads on the lower half of the fountain. Camera settings are:

Canon 50D: ISO 400, 1/250 sec, f/5.6, 75 mm

Hotel Sully20
Fountain, Place des Vosges

This photo shows silvery water spilling over the rim of the upper half of the fountain, against a backdrop of white clouds in a blue sky. The fast shutter speed captures droplets of water. Camera settings are:

Canon 50D: ISO 400, 1/1250 sec, f/5.6, 40 mm

Water in Photography

For this final assignment in Photo 101, we are to browse our collection of shots from the course, select up to ten favorites, and publish a wrap-up post with a gallery.

My favorite shots tend to involve water.

These three photos show beautiful swimming and relaxing locations, places for personal enjoyment.

These two photos show bodies of water that are beautiful to look at from a distance.

These three photos use reflection in water to enhance the beauty of the principle subject, in this case places of worship.

Triumph & Contrast

Triumphant contestant in Longest Mustache Contest

This photo shows a triumphant contestant in the Longest Mustache Contest at the 2014 Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan, India. The total length of the mustache (left side plus right side) is between 4 and 5 feet. However, he was not the winner, who is pictured below with a more subdued demeanor.

Winner, Longest Mustache Contest

According to CNN, J. C. Chounan was the winner of the longest mustache contest with a combined length of 11 feet. This mustache took 18 years to grow. The photo below shows the winner sitting in the stands before the contest, with each side of his mustache curled into a bun on the side of his face.

Longest Mustache Contest winner

A personal triumph a day earlier was the arduous climb to Savitri Temple above Pushkar. Savitri is the first wife of Brahma. The climb to Savitri Temple took one hour, with many stops to rest. The incline is at least 45 degrees near the top. The climb begins and ends with concrete steps, but in between the path is made of large rocks set roughly as steps. Quite a few people were climbing, men and women, and many of those were elderly and barefoot. Many were chanting as they climbed, repeating the same phrase with every other step; perhaps it encouraged them.  After spending a few minutes at the top, visiting the temple and enjoying the breeze, the walk down took one half hour.

View from Savitri Temple, Pushkar, India

The photo shows the view from Savitri Temple. The beginning of the climb can be seen as the smooth path beginning near the square building with a brown roof. Pushkar Lake surrounded by 52 bathing ghats (steps) is prominent in the upper right. The fairground, site of the mustache contest, is the series of blue roofs upper left.

These photos show the view of Savitri Temple at the peak of the hill as seen from the Pushkar Fairgrounds (photo on the left) and the view of the climb to the temple (photo on the right).

Member of Border Security Forces (BSF) of India

This last picture shows a contrast that happened accidentally. The photo was taken during the evening flag lowering ceremony at Wagah on the international border between India and Pakistan. Shown is an Indian soldier (member of the Border Security Forces (BSF)) in his colorful dress uniform. The picture was taken to capture the moment, even though the telephoto lens caused the vignetting in the photograph.

Double & Rotation

Double is interpreted in two ways in this post: as two objects that look very much alike, and as objects that appear doubled.

Cruise Ships
Celebrity cruise ships

This picture shows two ships from the Celebrity cruise line. The ship on the right is the Celebrity Eclipse (Solstice Class), while the ship on the left is one of the ships in the Millennium Class. This photo was taken in an Eastern Caribbean port in November, 2011.

Carnival Pride 503
Carnival Pride casino slot machines

This photo shows two slot machines in the casino on the Carnival Pride cruise ship. The photo was taken in December, 2012, while the ship was in port in the Bahamas. (Cameras are not permitted in the casino when it is open for business.)

Outside Vegas
Boulders near Las Vegas

This photo shows a pair of boulders in a park just outside Las Vegas, Nevada. The car between the boulders indicates scale.

South Beach Bench
Double chair

This photo shows a double chair in a park near the ocean in South Beach, Miami, Florida. The photo was taken in February, 2013.

Cactus blooming in Las Vegas
Cactus blooms

This picture shows double blooms on a cactus. This photo was taken in a park outside Las Vegas, Nevada.

Faces of Buddha

Finally, this photo shows two faces of Buddha, as well as two partial faces of Buddha. (Two more faces and partial faces are on the back side.) This photo was taken in Angkor Wat, Cambodia in March, 2013.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Alleys, Driveways, Parking Lots, Dirt Roads

Traffic in Pushkar, Rajasthan, India


This picture was taken as we were trying to leave Pushkar in the state of Rajastan, India. This dirt road was the much-overworked way out for those seeking to leave after the more commercial (and fun) days of the Pushkar Camel Fair and the way in for the pilgrims arriving for the religious days. Inexplicably, in that time of year with the most traffic, huge chunks of the road were dug up and blocked off on the left side of the road, forcing inbound buses to navigate cautiously around the corners of buildings at the edge of the road. The assistant driver for the bus labeled TOURIST has climbed down from his perch on top of the bus to help direct the bus driver past the pink building on the right. The assistant driver (bare feet, black pants) is standing in the road directly in front of the driver, while the man to the right (in gray pants) is either another assistant driver or just a local kibitzer. Notice other passengers on top of the bus.

We met other buses ahead of this bus. There is a bus (visible in the photo) behind it, another bus behind that one, and so on.

This picture was taken in October, 2014. Specs are:

Olympus TG-3: ISO 100, 1/400 sec, f/6.3, 85 mm