This is my clouds entry in the Dutch Goes the Photo! Tuesday Photo Challenge – Clouds.

Sky above Statue of General Calixto García Iñiguez

This photograph was taken from a window of a moving bus traveling eastward on the  Malecón, which is a broad roadway, promenade, and seawall stretching 8 kilometers (5 miles) along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico from the Vedado neighborhood to the Havana Harbor in Old Havana.

Where the Avenida de los Presidentes joins the Malecón roadway is a statue to honor Calixto García Iñiguez, a famous Cuban general. This is the Garcia of the essay “A Message to Garcia” written by Elbert Hubbart, which was made into two different American films of the same name in 1916 and 1936.

The photograph was taken of the sky above the statue.

The camera used was an Olympus TG4 with settings  f/6.3, ISO 100, and 90 mm focal length.