Love Locks

This is our entry in The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Security.

Since 2008, couples have been attaching “Love Locks” to bridges in Paris and throwing the keys in the Seine below.  This practice began in Rome, inspired by a book and resulting movie in which a young couple writes their name on a padlock, chains it to a lamp post, and throws the key into the Tiber river. In Paris, more than 700,000 locks were attached to Pont des Arts alone by 2015, resulting in the collapse of sections of fencing on the bridge. With other bridges over the Seine also suffering the same fate, the city of Paris decided to remove the Love Locks, beginning in June 2015.  When we visited in October of that year, there were still many locks to be seen.


Love Locks on the Pont des Arts

This photo was taken on the Pont des Arts on October 9, 2015. Specs are:

Canon 50D, ISO 400, f/5.6, 4/10 sec, 38 mm