A Pop of Color

Red is a color that pops in many of our photographs. Here are six such photos.

Diwali fireworks, New Delhi, India

This photo captures fireworks in the night sky above New Delhi during Diwali in October, 2014.

L’Amour, Stravinsky Fountain, Paris, France

This photo was taken of L’Amour, the animated red lips in the Stravinsky Fountain on Place Stravinsky, next to the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France. This photo was taken in April, 2015.

Jardin de l’Hotel de Sully, Paris, France

This photo was taken in the Jardin de l’Hotel de Sully in Paris, France, in October, 2015. The red plastic blob stretching across the gardens was a special exhibit.

Red door, Paris, France

This photo features a huge red door near the Odéon metro stop in Paris, France. The center two inset doors, which are the same red color, have been opened inward to reveal the dark interior. This photo was taken in October, 2015.

Paper Lanterns on the Walking Street, Chaing Mai, Thailand

These red paper lanterns are hanging above the sidewalk on the Walking Street in Chaing Mai, Thailand.  This photo was taken in February, 2016.


So we meet again
So we meet again …

Finally, this humorous photo features a typical red fire hydrant being ignored by a passing dog.



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