Locks on the Canal Saint Martin

This is our entry in Dutch goes the Photo!’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Lock.

This past April in Paris, France, we cruised  The Canal Saint Martin from the Port de l’Arsenal to the Bassin de la Villette, passing through four double locks and two swing bridges. The photo below shows the first of a double lock fully open as our Canauxrama boat passes through on the way to the second lock.  From the water pouring over the top, we can see that that lock has begun to open for our boat. One of the six pedestrian bridges over the canal provides an excellent viewing point for two passers-by, while other viewers stand behind a railing at the side of the canal.

For some very good photos of the locks and cruise boats from a pedestrian viewpoint, please visit Bushboy’s post Negotiating the Lock.

On Canal Saint Martin — Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: In or On Water

This is our entry in Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: In or On Water.

During our most recent visit to Paris, we decided to concentrate on activities that are not in the “Top 10” of most tourists.  One of these activities was a 2.5 hour cruise on Canal Saint Martin, beginning at the Arsenal Marina and ending at Parc de la Villette. According to our guide, the first 1.8 kilometers of the total 4.6 kilometer length are underground.  The photo below was taken from the front of the boat as it approached the end of the underground part. The arcs of light on the ceiling are reflected on the water below.